Laureen Hobbs, a badass commie nigger (theonlykow) wrote in not_layouts,
Laureen Hobbs, a badass commie nigger


Since there's been some questions, no, I don't charge for layouts. I do appreciate any little giftlets you might want to get (paid time for me or the community, iconspace for me, gift certificates for... anywhere...) but that's entirely if you feel like it. All I "charge" is a link back to the community on your layout (usually in the main menu, since I made the layout and I decide where it goes, haha) and hopefully some word-of-mouth promotion.

I do it for the glamour and because I need a creative outlet - this way I can make people's days a little bit better and not explode with creative block.

ETA: I updated the "working on" list. And I really, really hate this layout. With all my being.
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