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Laureen Hobbs, a badass commie nigger


Wow, infusion of members. Thanks, cleolinda! I love you more than words.

Just for the record, even though I know I've said it nine billion times:

1. I hate this layout. Hear me? I hate this layout. It isn't up to my normal standards. I'm going to be reworking it soon as I'm going to buy paid time for the community.

2. Please contact me via e-mail or AIM if you're interested in a layout. Seeing as how I've gotten about sixteen requests through comments lately, I'm not going to be able to sort through them in time. This is why I set up a separate e-mail for direct contact. AIM me on drew repeat kill or send an e-mail to notlayouts at with your request information. I'll guarantee that I can help that way! As usual, please include:

Your Username.
The journal you want to be crunked out.
Paid or Free Account.
A detailed example of the style you want.


ETA: Current line of people for layouts :

_false_smiles [free - done, just waiting for her okay]
wyn209 [free]
not_layouts [free / paid?]
coppersky [free]
lacrimaeveneris [paid]
svu_cort [free]

That's about five-six days of work, so don't think you'll never get something if you ask me now, haha. The paid ones might take a bit longer, but not by much.
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