Laureen Hobbs, a badass commie nigger (theonlykow) wrote in not_layouts,
Laureen Hobbs, a badass commie nigger

New Layouts.

wyn209: I'm having some layout block on your layout and I'm sorry. I've been working on it, but it's... kind of a pain in the butt, haha.

coppersky got a new Katamari Damacy layout tonight. I was inspired on the Damacy layout, it worked out pretty fast.

wyn209 [free]
lacrimaeveneris [paid]
svu_cort [free]
punrufie [paid]
sturmclan [paid]
mandy0x [free]
acciocookie [paid]

I apologize if I haven't directly e-mailed you back yet if you're on this list, I've been a bit busy in my personal goings on. Unless there's a huge issue I'll be working on a layout as you've described.

I am tired.
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