Life's A Bitch

Well, bitches, finals are over, thank God. I now have time to work on the better things of life, including (but most certainly not limited to) all ya'lls layouts.

So! Expect some major updates in the next few days!
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I've fallen way too far behind, what with a combination of the weather, the end of school and a variety of other personal business. I apologize for all this shit.

I went ahead and updated the queue and production on new layouts has once again begun. I'm hoping to finish at least one and one half layout done tonight. Wish me luck.

New Layouts.

wyn209: I'm having some layout block on your layout and I'm sorry. I've been working on it, but it's... kind of a pain in the butt, haha.

coppersky got a new Katamari Damacy layout tonight. I was inspired on the Damacy layout, it worked out pretty fast.

Updated To-Do List, current 4/24Collapse )

I apologize if I haven't directly e-mailed you back yet if you're on this list, I've been a bit busy in my personal goings on. Unless there's a huge issue I'll be working on a layout as you've described.

I am tired.


Wow, infusion of members. Thanks, cleolinda! I love you more than words.

Just for the record, even though I know I've said it nine billion times:

1. I hate this layout. Hear me? I hate this layout. It isn't up to my normal standards. I'm going to be reworking it soon as I'm going to buy paid time for the community.

2. Please contact me via e-mail or AIM if you're interested in a layout. Seeing as how I've gotten about sixteen requests through comments lately, I'm not going to be able to sort through them in time. This is why I set up a separate e-mail for direct contact. AIM me on drew repeat kill or send an e-mail to notlayouts at with your request information. I'll guarantee that I can help that way! As usual, please include:

Your Username.
The journal you want to be crunked out.
Paid or Free Account.
A detailed example of the style you want.


ETA: Current line of people for layouts under the cutCollapse )


New layout over on my icon journal, brokeninamorata. I'm way proud.

Next I'm going to finish up _false_smiles's Dresden Dolls superhot layout, then my own personal journal. Hopefully these things are finished tonight.

Actually, the personal journal might get put off to work on wyn209's since I'm getting sick of working on my new one. And that's bad.

Off to code.
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Since there's been some questions, no, I don't charge for layouts. I do appreciate any little giftlets you might want to get (paid time for me or the community, iconspace for me, gift certificates for... anywhere...) but that's entirely if you feel like it. All I "charge" is a link back to the community on your layout (usually in the main menu, since I made the layout and I decide where it goes, haha) and hopefully some word-of-mouth promotion.

I do it for the glamour and because I need a creative outlet - this way I can make people's days a little bit better and not explode with creative block.

ETA: I updated the "working on" list. And I really, really hate this layout. With all my being.

More Nudes.

twobeautiful has a new layout. I still need to figure out a better setup for the comment links and she needs to fill out her friend's only post, but it's 90% done. It's looking good and I love the header.

Next up, either a better layout for this community or working more over at
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Another one down!

Another layout done, this time paid. Paid accounts are so much fun. I'm also enjoying working on my (admittedly shitty) free account skills.

your_eyes_open - paid and done!

One more in the queue (although I don't have her username, so I can't add it) and then I'll be open to more requests, although possibly after I redo the shitton of waste known as Not Layouts' current layout. Shame.

Another New User.

Another layout down, kiddies.


If you contacted me about a layout and haven't heard anything back, be sure to check over how you contacted me. If you sent something to the wrong e-mail address there's a good chance it got bulked into oblivion!

So. Yeah. Check it out. Also, anyone willing to promote me in their journals will get some mad props. I'll make you an icon or some'uddershit.